Kwik Tek JSP Video Production Client

Kwik Tek JSP Video Production Client

Hundreds of thousands of AIRHEAD towable tubes are now in service providing family fun in over 50 countries throughout the world. AIRHEAD offers towable tubes in all shapes, sizes and price points including deck tubes, cockpit tubes, winged tubes, spinning tubes. JSP and airhead have worked together on video production projects since 2007 fully producing the annual product demo DVD that is distributed to vendors all across the country.


Video Production Services Provided


  • In boat on water cameras (gyro stabilizer for smooth cam) 2 Boats

  • Dock location camera for stationary look

  • Post production highlight approx. 10-30 seconds of each tube (over 200 tubes)

  • DVD authoring including full menu build, graphics, images, and more on DVD!

  • Created over 200 individual video files for Web placement


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