JSP offers a wide variety of aerial imaging options utilizing sUAS drones. We are available for a multitude of different imaging applications including 3D mapping, thermal imaging, real estate and land surveying. We have worked with oil & gas, electrical instalation compaines, surveyors, home inspectors and much more! Aerial video can make a huge difference in the quality of your next video production and can provide a valuable service to save time and money. Regardless of the type of project (corporate, sports,  3d mapping, event, etc..) aerial imaging brings an exciting and amazing view to the table.

All JSP sUAS pilots are certified with the FAA Part 107 for sUAS U.S. Commercial Drone Pilots. All JSP sUAS missions are covered up to $2 million in liabilty coverage. Certification is on file and available per customers request. 

ALL JSP Drone operators are properly certified under FAA RULE 107 and rule 333 exemption.

All drone missions are insured up to $2,000,000 in drone liability coverage 

4K Video and HDR Photography
Get breathtaking 4K video and HDR images from the sky. Talk about adding some production value!
Drone Oil Pipeline Inspections
Pipeline inspections with the use of drones is cost effective and help eliminate downtime for production
Drone 3D Mapping
Do you need a real life model of a land survey? Want to look at every aspect of a plot of land? 3D mapping provides insight and data like no other.
Drone Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging technology has a multitude of applications. Identifying potential leaks, search and rescue and much more!
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