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JSP created 5 promo videos for the AWESOME B4ADVENTURE outdoor product line!

Miesse Fest is an annual tribute concert based in Columbus, Ohio. JSP has created various video wrap-up's for the past three years.

JSP has created multiple event promos for Aegis financial showcasing their insurance seminars across the country

JSP manages the Mycasa website and creates tons of real estate property videos and real estate investment videos

JSP handles all marketing efforts for Earth Buddy Pet which is a CBD based pet food brand. From social media promotional videos, to building out and maintaining an online store, Earth Buddy has been a great partner to JSP!

PUSH Performance

JSP is creating several video pieces for PUSH Performance. Video projects include hype videos, workout demonstrations and an overall facility promotional video.

Balm Fitness

JSP is working with Balm Fitness as they work towards their gym opening in March of 2018. This is the first of several social media based videos that will help get the South Denver area hyped about the gym opening.

AT&T Sports Net

For the second season in a row, JSP has produced a 30 minute weekly high school sports which airs on AT&T Sports Net Rocky Mountain. Catch all 36 episodes throughout the 17/18 school year!

Carrie A. Olson

JSP helped produce a thirty second election ad for Dr. Carrie Olson. JSP also produced a long form bio video about Dr. Olson. The videos were a huge part of Dr. Olson being elected to the Denver School board in 2017!

JSP has created various recap videos and promotional videos for the Innovation Pavilion and it's many in-house companies.

Corridor Mortgage Group

JSP created over 20 videos for Corridor Mortgage. Individual bio videos were created for loan officers in both Denver, Colorado and Baltimore, Maryland.

JSP created a follow up video for the "Shift Combine Series" which is a national high school football combine.

JSP created a hype video and a company promotional video that included US Gold Medalist Bode Miller.

JSP works hand-in-hand with School Space Media to produce the Colorado Prep Spotlight and creative high school sports recruiting videos for the state of Colorado

JSP produces a 30 minute weekly high school sports show that airs every Monday night on ROOT Sports.

Hoff Company - Website client

JSP created a series of promotional videos for CPI as well as fully developed a consumer facing website.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines came to JSP looking for content and production for media to display on their in-seat televisions for their incentive program with John Atencio jewelers. JSP created a video that could be seen on the in-flight monitors that was seen throughout their whole fleet!

Altitude Sports & Entertainment

Altitude Sports and Entertainment has been a great partner to have in the Denver area. As the official TV provider for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche the exposure in the Denver market for our programs is outstanding. Over the years they have aired the majority of our JSP programming including most recently the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the Kauai Marathon.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest motor sports race in N. America right behind the Indy 500! JSP and the PPIHC have partnered together since 2007 producing a full 2-hour television program highlighting the stories behind the race, competition footage, and history of the event.

Dial Global

Dial came to JSP looking for someone to capture and create a 10 minute “about our services” video. Dial Global produces and distributes radio programming to more than 6000 stations in the U.S. We offer a wide spectrum of products, including turnkey music formats, daypart personalities, longform & shortform shows, prep services and imaging production.


Hundreds of thousands of AIRHEAD towable tubes are now in service providing family fun in over 50 countries throughout the world. AIRHEAD offers towable tubes in all shapes, sizes and price points including deck tubes, cockpit tubes, winged tubes, spinning tubes. JSP and airhead have worked together on video production projects since 2007 fully producing the annual product demo DVD that is distributed to vendors all across the country.

ESPN & Family of Networks

JSP and ESPN have a long lasting relationship that dates back to the early 80’s when our owner and operator was a on location producer and camera operator in Europe covering the world cup tour. JSP has produced a variety of extreme sports programming that has aired on ESPN and ESPN2!

Colorado Tourism Office

The State of Colorado came to JSP looking for a company to go throughout the state of Colorado capturing the most desired and iconic locations throughout the state. JSP traveled to several locations gathering B-Roll and interviews from various locations and people. JSP than edited together a master B-Roll reel for the state of Colorado to use with various media projects. We are constantly updating the content for our HOME state!

World Series of Boxing

The World Series of Boxing came to JSP looking for a video production company that could handle all facets of their on-site production, post-production, and distribution. JSP fully coordinated the on-site production for the inaugural season of the World Series of Boxing America’s. 26 episodes were delivered to the Versus network and the inaugural season aired throughout 2010 and 2011!

SafeGuard From Abuse

SafeGuard From Abuse is a web based educational series on the prevention and knowledge of Child Sex Abuse. SafeGuard came to JSP looking for a company to handle all of the video creation including 3 full Dr. Interview’s, extensive editing, voice-over, and web distribution to their multi-media platform. This wasn’t a normal website video production project for the JSP staff, this project has a meaningful impact on our society and JSP took that very seriously throughout the entire project.


Early July for the JSP crew meant a road trip up to Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado for the taping of a series of Video News Release’s for Surefoot. Surefoot is a custom orthotic maker for ski boots and everyday shoes. The technology that goes into their product is amazing and really makes a difference for the user on the slopes or on the path’s! While on location JSP captured two Surefoot locations and interviewed the owners of the company and learned about the companies background and future!


Quickpoles is a revolutionary ski pole design that has just hit the market in 2011. Quickpoles came to JSP looking for a video production company that would create a promotional video and commercial series for their new ski pole product.

Paul Mitchell

John Paul Mitchell has been a long lasting friend and client to JSP. For many years JSP and John Paul Mitchell have partnered together providing sponsorship for many JSP produced events and programs!

GLORY Kickboxing

GLORY came to JSP looking for a production partner to create sizzle pieces and fighter highlights for upcoming GLORY fights. JSP also coordinated the entire on-site production for the inaugural season in the US in 2013.


Comcast Entertainment Television came to JSP looking for a production company that could manage their on-location production of their monthly informative news program titled “Newsmakers” Since acquiring the Newsmakers project JSP and Comcast have worked together on a myriad of internal video projects for CET, multiple 30 minute programs that air on CET, and many more various video needs! Programs include our outdoor series on Colorado white water rafting, Fishing, Climbing, Biking, Mountain Ski

Colorado Avalanche

JSP and the Colorado Avalanche worked together to create a weekly recap highlight show of the Colorado Avalanche hockey team in the NHL. Game action, behind the scenes footage, and player stories and interviews were the main topics highlighted on the Av’s alert.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Located in the heart of Denver, Cherry Creek Shopping Center is the Rocky Mountain region’s premier shopping environment with over 160 shops, including 40 stores exclusive to the area such as Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren. Other favorites include Nordstrom, Macy’s, Apple and Coach, plus popular dining hot spots like Elway’s and Kona Grill.

University of Denver

JSP provided the university with aerial footage and coverage of the campus to showcase and highlight in various marketing pieces.

The Kauai Marathon TV Show

The Kaua’i Marathon and Half Marathon is held in gorgeous Kauai, Hawaii. JSP and the Kauai Marathon have partnered together to produce a full 30 minute documentary and highlight show for the annual event. With runners from all over the world coming to compete, the race is always full of action and race week itself is always a treat. With 6 on course camera’s, 2 roving cameras on jeep’s, and start and finish line coverage, the Kauai Marathon was truly covered from Start to Finish! The Kauai Marat

The US Mint - Denver Location

The US Mint – Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollar coins; did you ever wonder where they all come from? Of course, from facilities such as the Mint in Denver, Colorado, which is one of six branch facilities of the United States Mint, and is the single largest producer of coins in the world. This fascinating tour takes us through this historical landmark, which struck its first coins back on February 1, 1906, to show us exactly how the process of making coin money is done. Tour

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