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Adaptive Sports Evolution

JSP has been back on the slopes in Colorado recently as we partnered with ASE Sports to create multiple online video stories for ASE's video web series. The Adaptive Sports Evolution is an original series of short stories on today’s top adaptive sports, athletes, mindsets and technology. ASE profiles and covers athletes from the most evolved and competitive adaptive sports. Those adaptive souls are the people leading the revolution with their passion, persistence, ingenuity/invention, and skill.

Have a look at the series teaser and a few of the feature stories that JSP has produced for the ASE Series so far. We are still in the infant stages of this great series, so be sure to check out the ASE website for more updates and adaptive sports action. It has been an honor to highlight many of the courageous athletes who still thrive for excellence, even while overcoming devastating injuries and accidents.

Stay warm Denver!


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