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Real Estate Marketing "Soars" to New Heights

The evolution of aerial drone technology has been groundbreaking for many industries, including real estate marketing. JSP and it's pool of FAA certified drone pilots have been shooting and editing some amazing videos showcasing properties of all shapes and sizes. Have a sneak peak below at an "out of the box" real estate video showcasing a fantastic property in Estes Park, Colorado.

This property was shot by JSP Partner Wes Walker of Dream Alive Productions who took a little different approach with this particular video and we have been receiving rave reviews. Commonly, real estate photos and videos are shot when the home is completely empty and looking as clean as possible. Although that looks great, that isn't the reality of living in a home, people are going to be living their every day lives in these homes, so why not showcase the property with that in mind! In this video, you will see the actual family that is selling the property actually appearing and showcasing the property. From playing in the backyard to eating dinner in the kitchen, this video gives a 100% genuine look at what living in this home is all about.

If you are interested in showcasing your property in a fashion that will be certain to make it stand out, be sure to contact JSP today!

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