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Top 5 Aerial Imaging Applications for Business

5 top uses of aerial imaging technology in today's business world.

Posted by JSP Broadcast | Aerial Drone Division

#1: Agriculture

There are many instances where a farmer can benefit from aerial imaging and drone technology. With aerial images help to identify ailing plants early on, farmers can salvage crops like never before. New software enhancements allow access to thermal imaging and enhanced area maps to identify possible new harvest locations. These are just a few examples of how drones can make agricultural processes more efficient.


#2 Construction

Aerial drone imaging can be used in many steps throughout the construction process; from roofers to commercial contractors, aerial imaging can assist with frame and roof inspection, land surveying, construction milestone progress, 3D Mapping, and even final inspection. The drone is also a great way to track the lifecycle of a project. Detailed videos and images taken throughout the process allow for better analysis and follow-up. As potential uses continue to be explored, expect to see drones on the job site for many years to come.


#3: Media

With all of the advancements in camera technology, it is natural that the video production & photography industry would be instantly attracted to aerial imaging. The aerial perspective adds production value and excitement to any project. With a wide variety of camera options and attachments, filmmakers can now get creative in new ways. Live streaming, 4K video, time-lapse photography and super-slo-motion are just a few of the amazing features that are now available on higher-end production drones. Filmmakers are fully embracing this new technology; don't be surprised if you see an uptick in shots from the sky!


#4: Real Estate

Using the aerial perspective in real estate marketing materials gives potential buyers a unique vantage point. It gives a more "realistic" idea of what the home looks like, how it sits on the property and even the neighborhood - often times the area around the home warrants just as much marketing attention as the home itself! Large acre real estate, in particular, is a perfect match for the aerial drone. Now a potential buyer can see a 100+ acre property in just minutes!


#5: Regulation & Compliance

Oil & gas and power-line installation are just a few examples of industries that must adhere to tight control and monitoring by their regulating agencies. Prevention is key in these industries and the use of aerial imaging drones has allowed for earlier detection of potentially hazardous issues. Companies that monitor projects using aerial imaging are able to allocate budgets and time elsewhere because drones help to alleviate the strain of these tedious tasks.

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