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JSP Covering the DNC

What an exciting day for JSP as we were on location at Battery 621 in the heart of Downtown Denver to cover a live shot with Senate Minority Leader Lucía Guzmán. Senator Guzman delivered a powerful message that was transmitted live onto the stage at the Democratic National Convention for the world to see. Partnering with Mighty Media Studios and the DNC, Battery 621 played host to a DNC "Watch Party" where all the fun and live action occurred.

Senator Guzman did an outstanding job during her live shot and was an absolute pleasure to work with. A big thanks goes out to the DNC, Senator Guzman, Battery 621, Mighty Media Studios and our production partner Dave Rosner with All Terrain Video for a great shoot! Have a look at the behind the scenes shots from the shoot and even a glimpse of our live shot on stage at the DNC in Philadelphia moments before Hillary Clinton took the stage.

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