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FAA Drone Rules Update

Finally! As of August 29th, 2016 the world of aerial imaging changed forever, or at least here in the United States. Monday marked the first day that remote sUAS pilots could take the rule 107 certification exam that is given through the Federal Aviation Administration. This test finally solidified the regulations needed to fly sUAS drone's commercially in the US.

This is a big day for the aerial imaging community as it provides a lot of clarity and information as to where commercial drone pilots can and can not fly. JSP employees and friends have already scheduled their test, and even a few have passed, congrats Dave Rosner!.

"I know our team has taken this test very seriously. We realize the importance of safety and knowledge when operating a sUAS. The best part about it is, this all leads to us being able to provide high quality 4K aerial imaging for a variety of needs not only safely, but with expertise and knowledge." Phil Santucci - JSP sUAS Pilot

- Real Estate Marketing

- Government Work

- Land Surveying

- Inspections

- Insurance

- Law Enforcement

- Golf Course Marketing

- 3D Land Mapping

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