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Colorado Real Estate Marketing

The landscape of real estate marketing is changing by the day, especially in the sizzling hot Denver market. Buyers and sellers are finding new ways to complete their real estate transaction with the use of on-line searches and even instant on-line financing.

So, as a realtor you need to keep up and stand out in any way possible. One thing you as a realtor can control in this whole process is the way you market the home. Proper staging, organization and photos used to be the norm, and we still provide top notch professional interior and exterior photos. But now, with the use of aerial imaging and stabilized camera systems JSP can provide a potential buyer a "open-house" experience without ever having to visit the home!

Aerial imaging and video gives the buyer a unique perspective showing not only the home itself, but also the land it sits on, the surrounding area and maybe even sneaking a glimpse at the neighbors yard... Then with the use of stabilized camera systems our camera operators will take a complete tour of your house, showing each and every corner of the property. This video is then edited together with the aerial footage to create a truly unique experience and a marketing package that will stand out.

Dont just toss your listing up on the NMLS without taking the time to make it stand out. JSP offers very affordable packages that range from photos only, to the complete package. Prices will of course vary a bit depending on the size and nature of the property.

We are always happy to answer any questions and we encourage you to visit our YouTube channel for more demos of other properties. Till next time!

Team JSP

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