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Drone Video & Photo Come to JSP

JSP is already off to a great start to the summer, really emphasizing a new focus on the Drone Division. With the acquisition of 4 drones, varying in make and model, JSP is aiming to take our work to the sky during 2016 and capture more breathtaking images and photos!

We have been shooting drone video & photo for various industries and clients thus far in 2016 including real estate and 3D mapping. If you want to add some serious production value to your next project, the drone is the perfect tool to capture content from an angle not easily accessible until now. All JSP drone pilots are FAA certified so you can rest assured that professionals are handling your project with SAFETY being the first concern. Although these drones are accessible to many people these days, make sure you are flying with someone with the proper training and certification to ensure a successful mission. We want all of our fellow droner's to be as safe as possible as well! Here are just a few industries and a sample or two, to give you an idea of the amazing output these drones have today! ENJOY!

- Videography/Photography - Real Estate Marketing - Government Work - Land surveying - Inspections - Insurance - Law enforcement - Golf Course marketing - 3D Land Mapping

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